Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cadets Are In Their Home Port

The T.S. Kennedy arrived home at Taylor's Point on Saturday, February 23rd, to anxiously waiting friends and family!

We're wrapping up our Google Earth journey of the 2013 Sea Term as well. We'll add the last couple placemarks representing the ports they visited. We'll then go back to the Captain's Blog to read about the ports and add an image from each port or the surrounding area to the placemark. We can coordinate the dates in port from the ShipTrackerLatLong document and the dates on the Captain's Blog when the T.S. Kennedy was in the port.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting Back on Track with the Voyage

MMA Cadets enjoy Sunday at Sea on the Helo Deck while heading to Aruba.

It's been a wild week in New England with the Blizzard of 2013! We've been without power, Internet, heat & school! We're wrapping up a short week and going on February vacation today.

To help classes catch up with the Google Earth project, plotting the position of the T.S. Kennedy, I am posting a link to a document, ShipTrackerLatLong, to focus our effort so we can add "placemarks" more efficiently. We'll focus on the various ports they have visited, or where they have dropped anchor to run drills.

Please leave a comment about the MMA Voyage here. I hope you will continue to follow the voyage during school vacation week. The cadets are due back to MMA on Sunday morning, February 24th. Consider making it a family field trip to welcome them back!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Google Earth to Track the Voyage

Google Earth is a great tool to follow the 
MMA SeaTerm Voyage!

We're going to use the latitude and longitude data collected through the Ship Tracker to put placemarkers on the earth to mark the location of the T.S. Kennedy each day of the voyage.

Within the placemarkers, we'll add titles, descriptions, images, website links and other interesting information about the ports they visit and their route. All these placemarkers put together create a Google Earth Journey (.kmz file). Then we can share this journey with other people by posting it on a blog, website, Google Earth iPad app, etc. Use SeaTermLesson3 to help you with Google Earth.

It's hard to keep up with all the posts on the MMA Captain's Blog! Check out the posts to see where they are now and start finding interesting information for the Google Earth placemarkers.

Creating Google Lit Trips

How to Create a Google Lit Trip (Part 1)

How To Create a Google Lit Trip (Part 2)

Creating a Path with Google Earth

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ship Tracker - Collecting Data

Using the Ship Tracker MMA Sea Term 2013 Voyage

This leg of the classroom voyage we'll be gathering data from the Ship Tracker to enter into the Daily Log (spreadsheet). We'll use this to create some comparisons in graphs. Also, we'll look at converting air and water temperatures. Can you tell if this data is reported in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Follow the second lesson at this link. Not enough time to gather data in class? Use this Latitude & Longitude data collected from the Ship Tracker.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun First Lessons

MMA cadets off to sea for training

I shared a Google Doc which lead the students to gather information from the MMA Captain’s Blog. The students copied the document & added their name to the document name.

Then we decided dividing the work would go more quickly and be more fun. So, working in groups of 2 or 3, the students shared the document with each other. Then they were able to simultaneously collaborate on getting all the answers from the MMA Captain's Blog and record them in the Google Document. The students enjoyed working together, seeing their additions shared immediately with their group members.

An additional option for working together to complete the assignment - select Comment in the upper-right corner of Google Doc. Then, if you are working in separate locations (i.e. while at home, in the library, etc.) you can discuss who is going to do what or share ideas about the blog within the Comment section. Keep all comments "middle school appropriate" !

In upcoming classes we'll gather data from the Ship Tracker to follow the course of the TS Kennedy in Google Earth, adding images, and other relevant information about the trip!

The PSMS 5th Graders will be adding to the Google Earth Journey too! They'll add information about the climate, environment, and geography of the ports visited. They will also create a Glog about the Voyage.

Mrs. Bochman's 8th Grade students have started writing their expository essay about the voyage. They'll be gathering specific data to a Google based Daily Log such as: latitude, longitude, air temperature, water temperature etc. There's lots of vocabulary that's specific to nautical life which we will explore and create word clouds of.

Mrs. Lavin, Mr. Palagi, Mrs. Keiser & Mrs. Burns from PCIS are all "on-board" and going to work with me in the labs on various aspects of the voyage as it pertains to their curricula.

Of course the book Carry On, Mr. Bowditch has lots of options to tie to the voyage. Let me know if anyone is interested in creating a Google Earth Journey around the book. It is known as bookmapping! Google it!

Secondary Departure Video

The Departure Video (previous post) should now display in school, since it is now a youtube link. Go back & check it out to meet the cadets! CapeCast: Video tour of T.S. Kennedy at MMA

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saturday Morning Friends and Family Saw the Cadets Off
The TS Kennedy is already off the coast of Florida. Check the Ship Tracker daily to determine its' most current location. We'll be using the latitude & longitude to locate the progress of the ship & put on a placemark on the Google journey.